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Our Community Support
Throughout the years the community support of Youth and Family Link has remained steadfast, with the goal of helping children and families live a better life. This Cowlitz County philosophy, this sense of community connection and integrity, where people care about each other, has endured and grown as we enter our fifth decade of community service. It continues to be a remarkable achievement, and is reflected in the on-going support by the Lake Guild, the River Ranch Guild, and the Youth and Family Link Thrift Shop. From the beginning, committed, enthusiastic and energetic Cowlitz County citizens have dedicated themselves to the vision of Youth and Family Link.

In the early '60s, several volunteer guilds were created to conduct fundraising activities. The volunteers raised money, created community interest, made cookies, sewed curtains ... anything and everything to make their dream a reality. In 1963, the Guilds joined forces to create the Thrift Shop, a quality resale shop that is dedicated to raising funds for Youth and Family Link. Two guilds, the Lake Guild and the River Ranch Guild, and the Youth and Familyu Link Thrift Shop, continue this vital support.

Created in 1962, the Lake Guild meets the second Thursday of every month at the Longview Country Club. The Lake Guild holds an annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. Each member of the Guild volunteers one day a month to staff the Link Thrift Shop. The Lake Guild members personally make stockings at Christmas and Easter Baskets at Easter, as well as contributing to the back to school coat fund and maintaining the Youth and Family Link children's library. 

Created in 1963, the River Ranch Guild meets monthly at the Link Program. The River Ranch Guild holds a Champagne Brunch each May. Each member of the River Ranch Guild volunteers one day each month to staff the Youth and Family Link Thrift Shop. The Ranch Guild donates gifts at Christmas, provides a Mother's Day brunch, and contributes to the back to school coat fund.

The Youth and Family Link Thrift Shop, located at 1212 Commerce Avenue in Longview, has been a major resource for the programs of Youth and Family Link. Since its establishment in 1963 by members of the guilds with generous support from the community at large, the Thrift Shop has provided funds to help achieve the LINK vision. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Thrift Shop cleans, refurbishes, and resells gently-used, donated items.


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